Founded in 1991 as the first toilet cabin lending company in Hungary. Our primary functions are to lend, fully maintain and to service TOI TOI toilet cabins. The typical, blue coloured TOI TOI "cottages" are present at construction sites, different outings, festivals, sporting events, and during the years they've become a part of our everydays. In the beginning our cabin-stock consisted 25 pieces, but today we owe more than 3000 pieces, and we're constantly renewing and expanding this stock to ensure the excellent quality and high level of our services for our Honoured Partners. We're also expanding and upgrading our state-of-the-art special vehicle pool to make the deliveries of the TOI TOI cabins faster and quieter, and to ensure the servicing of used booths with their help, without the slightest amount of pollution made. In addition to our nationwide headquarters at Pilisvörösvár, our company has 5 more premises in provincial cities, from where we can totally cover the whole country with our services. We have an all-day (24 hour) duty on every day of the year, thus our staff is reachable even on weekends and holidays.

We offer our services on market-oriented prices, ensuring our Clients that they receive high quality services at low costs. It's very important for our company to make You as a Partner, so please ask for unique offers from our staff, which offer is totally made for Your expectations, considering all of Your demands and wishes.

We are proud that we are operating under the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001quality assurance and the MSZ EN ISO 14000:1997 environment-centric controlling system.

Our extensive list of references and more than fifteen years of experience secures that you receive first class services from the market leading toilet cabin supplier in Hungary, the TOI TOI Ltd.

Central office: 87-89 A/2 Tárogató str. Budapest, Hungary 1021
Site: 15 Szt. László str. Pilisvörösvár, Hungary 2085
Phone: (36)-26-530-630
Fax: (36)-26-530-640
E-mail: info@toitoi.hu